About Crissy Mack

Crissy Mack is an American beauty influencer from Jacksonville, Florida. Crissy fell in love with all things beauty at a young age and has continued her journey in the beauty community ever since. From childhood recitals, to high school pageants, to YouTube how-to videos, Crissy has continued to showcase her ever-evolving love for beauty. Crissy got her start inĀ freelance makeup artistry by practicing on friends and family. Now Crissy resides in Las Vegas, NV where she has shifted her focus from makeup artistry to beauty influencing as a whole.

Although beauty is a huge passion of Crissy’s, it is not the only passion she has. Crissy has been consistently writing poems and short stories since the age of 12. While visiting this site you will have to opportunity to read blog posts on Crissy’s favorite people, places, and things.