How to Brand Yourself In 4 EASY Steps

So you’ve found your niche, or something you really like to do, and you want to create a brand from it. You just so happen to exist in a time where branding and marketing are easier and more accessible than they’ve ever been. We live in an age where teenagers are millionaires! This is largely in part due to their ability to brand themselves. While the teens may be reaping the benefits of social media marketing and branding, they don’t have a monopoly on the ability to do so. Basically, if you have a smart phone, or computer access, you can brand yourself. I have a few EASY basic tips to help you get started on branding yourself.


Don’t underestimate the power of a dope hashtag. Using the same hashtag with your name or a word or series of words that you use constantly will allow your audience to find you on the internet. For example, if you search #crissymack or #thecrissymack , you’re more than likely to see my face because I use that hashtag on every piece of electronic data I post. This includes all of my blog posts and pictures.


If you’re on this blog, its likely because you’re in the beauty industry in one way or another. If that’s the case, I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite influencer’s picture on a website that’s certainly not one they endorse. These websites are able to steal these pictures because they influencer did not watermark the photo. A simple watermark can ensure that people always know who you are. You can use your iPhone or android to place a watermark on your phone. I like to use the app Phonto.


“Can you hear hear me now? Good” “I just saved a lot of money by switching to…” “The best part of waking up is….in your cup”. I didn’t tell you who any of these slogans/jingles are from, but I bet you recognized at least one. Thats because these large-scale brands adopted a series of words known as a slogan and used them in a large amount of their media propaganda. Since the slogans are catchy, people are more likely to remember the company. Have you ever found yourself saying “what’s the name of that company that say ba da ba da daaaa…I’m loving it” or something to that effect? Maybe you can’t remember the brand but you’re more likely to if you remember the slogan associated with them.


Design a logo or pay someone to place your logo everywhere you are. When doing so, pick a logo that represents your brand in the way you want it to be received. Your logo should be on your website, all of your social media platforms, at the end of your emails, or even on the side of your car. People will associate those images with you.

Following these steps will help you to develop your brand identity and allow people to associate you with your brand. How did you brand yourself? Leave a comment down below!