How to Remove Got2b Glued Gel from Lace Wigs and Hairline

Everyone loves the way a perfectly laid lace unit looks when it’s freshly slayed! No one ever mentions the dreaded removal process. It’s especially frustrating when you’ve applied multiple layers of gel and you have build up in your hair. I’ve tried several methods of removal and I find the following process to be the best!

What You Will Need:

  1. Spray/applicator bottle
  1. Conditioner of your choice (my favorite is the Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner )
  1. Shower cap
  1. Rat tail comb

Mix two parts water and one part conditioner in a bottle.

  1. Spray the mixture onto your hairline or where the gel may be present
  2. Gently massage the mixture into the lace, hairline and scalp*
  3. Place the shower cap over your head and allow the moisture of the mixture to loosen/breakdown the hair gel.
  4. Once the gel is completely loosened, remove the lace from your head**
  5. Use the rat tail comb to gently remove residual gel from your hairline.

*Avoid rigorous motions as this can cause damage to the hair and result in breakage or thinning.

**You will know when the gel has been broken down when you can slip the gel from the hair with little to no resistance. If you find yourself using force, even if it’s ever so slightly, wait a little while longer.

If you’ve made it through this process and there’s still some resistance, repeat the process until you are able to remove the lace and gel with no resistance.

How do you remove your Got2b Gel? Comment below!

Photo credit @sophiology