How to Lay Your Edges with Eco Styler Gel | Natural Hair

img_4478As the trend of super laid edges takes over the hair industry, many of us natural sistas find ourselves struggling to get those perfectly laid edges. Fret not sis, I’ve got you covered. Follow these simple steps and I’ll have your natural edges tamed and slayed!

Step one- Clean the Area

This step is optional. Please be mindful of the harm rubbing alcohol can cause to your hair. Rubbing alcohol can cause a burning sensation on the skin and continued use can result in damaged hair follicles. Whenever I have an event that will require me to be exposed to heat and humidity, I like to use a low concentration percentage rubbing alcohol to clean the area around my hairline. This reduces the oils and helps my edges stay laid for a longer period of time!

Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Double-Sided Brush/Comb – Hot Pink

Step Two-Brush Your Edges Down and Secure the Rest

There’s nothing worse than attempting to lay your edges while you have other fly always getting in the way. Brush down the hair you need and tie the rest with a scarf. This will keep the extra hairs out of the way.

Eco Professional Styling Gel

Step Three-Distribute the Gel

Take a small amount of gel on the tip of a hair brush or a toothbrush (dedicated to your hair and not your teeth) or edges brush, and apply the gel to the hairs evenly. Hairs not coated with the gel can result in little annoying curlies that won’t lay down!

Step Four-Style Away

Use your edge styler tool of choice and brush the edges into place and follow each brush stroke and with your finger tip to smooth them in place.

Step Five and the Single Most Important Step- Allow the Gel to Dry

If you prematurely step out without the gel being dried and cured, your edges won’t stay in place and you’ll end up looking like a fuzzy-headed queen! So be patient sis! Wrap those edges with a silk scarf and allow them time to dry before you head out!

How do you lay your edges using eco-styled gel? Share your tips down below!