How to Disinfect Your Makeup

Before we jump right into disinfecting our makeup. I want to give you all a quick overview of the science behind it behind disinfecting vs sanitizing.

First, there is a difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. To sanitize means to reduce the growth or presence of viruses, fungi, or bacteria. While this can be good, you typically want to eliminate these organisms when using makeup. As a result, we want to disinfect our makeup by killing ALL of the microscopic organisms that makeup can harbor over time.

Makeup Brushes

Clean your brushes using a gentle antibacterial soap. Only wet the brush 1/3 of the way up. Wetting the brush too much can cause moisture to get into the wood and bacteria can grow as a result. After cleansing, dip the bristles into rubbing alcohol to ensure all the bacteria is no longer present. Also, always dry your brushes with the bristles facing downward. This will cause the water to stay away from the wood.

Makeup Palettes


Spray the palettes with rubbing alcohol until they’re saturated. This will not damage your palette. Don’t worry, eyeshadows and other pressed powders will be just fine!


Simply dip the stick into rubbing alcohol. Try filling a shot glass or cup deep enough to submerge the lipstick in. Since alcohol is so cheap, avoid double dipping. Double dipping should be fine. But I get a warm and fuzzy by pouring the alcohol out after each dip.



img_4485-1Avoid using mascara for more than a month or two. I realize this is unrealistic. Honestly, I don’t practice this myself. But the truth of the matter is mascara as a sure fire way to transmit an eye infection. At the very least, but a new mascara if you become sick and don’t use any mascara while you’re ill. Switch to the new one when you’re healed. Or, use your mascara, and after each swipe, dip the wand in rubbing alcohol before returning it to the tube EVERY TIME!

How do you disinfect your makeup? Leave a comment down below!