The Truth About Ghost Bond Lace Wig Glue

As many of my amazing reader are aware, I love to dabble in the world of weaves and wigs. I’ve worn everything from the on-sale $15.99 synthetic wig, to very expensive $1000 virgin bundle hair. As a result, I’ve made my way through several brands of adhesive. There’s one particular adhesive that I’ve had a strong love-hate relationship with throughout the years. That is the Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Adhesive.

I was first introduced to the Ghost Bond Adhesive through a YouTube video. Roughly 6-7 years ago, I tried the adhesive for the first time. After seeing the rock solid hold the young lady achieved, I knew this would be my moment to finally have the security I longed for. I followed the instructions on the side of the bottle down to the finest of details. I was thrown off by the white appearance but I was overjoyed with the hold I eventually achieved….or so I thought. After a couple of hours in a night club and several drinks (early twenties; don’t judge) I made my way to the restroom only to find my wig disproportionally misplaced on my head and white glue residue where the lace had once been. I was so embarrassed. Who knows how long I had this glob of glue on my forehead! I vowed then to never use Ghost Bond again!

As the years continued, I tried a slew of adhesives which I will review in different articles (stay tuned), however, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should try the Ghost Bond again. After all, I had read and watched several great reviews on the questionable product. As a profuse sweater, I was convinced these women did not sweat the least bit. I knew for a fact my sweating HAD to be the reason the adhesive failed.

Despite my reservations, I gave the Ghost Bond another try. By this time I had developed my own techniques for applying lace units using water-based adhesives. As a result, I felt much more confident going into this process. I applied the adhesive and my unit and to my surprise I was overwhelmingly happy with the performance of the glue! IT WAS A MIRACLE! I had finally found the perfect adhesive that could stand up to my sweat and the horridly intense Florida humidity!

After one year of using Ghost Bond Adhesive as my long term (1-3 week hold) adhesive, I can confidently recommend this to anyone who is curious about the product. The caveat is there is a small science to the application process in order to get the adhesive to be secure. Skipping steps in what I have deemed to be the best way to use the adhesive will only result in a diminished hold. I will be posting my process, with pictures, very soon so we can slay together!

What has your experience been with Ghost Bond? Leave a comment down below!