Get Out of Your Way

Charlie Michaels, March 22, 2018 


Following your dreams isn’t the easiest thing to do. I, for one, have placed many roadblocks in my own path consciously and subconsciously. I’ve said I was too tired or too busy. I’ve used my family as an excuse because they “need” me. I’ve found myself accepting that I do not have the resources necessary to pursue my dreams. I have used all of these things to stand in my own way. The truth of the matter is, God has given me lemons, sugar, water, and a pitcher. It’s up to me to make the lemonade. It wasn’t until I started to change my way of thinking, that things began to happen for me.

If you’ve found yourself making the same excuses as I did, or find yourself feeling the same way I did, you may be stopping yourself from achieving your goals. Many times we like to blame those around us for our stagnation. We assume because those close to us are our family that they’re required to support our dreams in the manner that we expect them to. It took me a while to realize that my dream is my dream. My dream is not my mother’s dream, or my husband’s dream, or even my friend’s dream. Knowing this, I cannot fault them for not believing, or executing, or striving for my dream in the way that I want them too. Furthermore, we cannot use lack of support as another reason as to why we cannot attain our goals.

If you’re lucky to have a team of people or even one person cheering you on through the pursuit of your dreams, then you’re already blessed beyond measure. However, if you’re not equipped with cheerleaders, you must find it within yourself to cheer yourself through your process. No one owes you anything. However, you owe it to yourself to say “you can do this” or “I believe in you“. Cheerleaders can root for the team until the end but it’s up to the quarterback to throw the ball. Do not allow all of the negatives around you to take your head out of the game.

Your dream is your dream and it will not take flight until you drag yourself out of doubt, thrust your time and energy into making it work, lift yourself up when you’re down and shed the weight of the excuses you create. Only then will you and your dream soar into the physical manifestation of success.

I leave you with this, every day will not be a win but neither will it be loss. Look at these days as another opportunity to get it right. It may take years to build your dream but it only takes one day for those very same dreams to come true. What will you be doing when that day comes? Will you have spent those years preparing or will that day pass you by because you stood in your own way?