Gorilla Snot for Lace Wigs? First Impressions Review

Lace wig wearers around the world have been finding increasingly creative ways to secure their wigs. With the ever growing popularity of the Got2B Glued method, many people have been in search for something new. Many and I do mean many of you have found success with the Got2b Glued Gel, however, a few of you were not so impressed. I decided to go on the hunt and find another option that would provide a strong hold, could withstand some light tugging, and would be damaging to your edges.

In my quest for another HAIR GEL that would ACT as an adhesive (without the commitment), I came across Gorilla Snot Hair Gel (Moco de Gorila)  in the “Punk” version. I saw the gel and wondered how it would hold up against the Got2b gel. After some debating I decided to give it a try. After all my readers deserve unbiased reveiews on multiple options. In an effort to add some versitiliy to the methods I recommend, I purchased the glue and gave it a shot.

Initial Thoughts

Thought 1: It’s Dry AF

The first thing I noticed about the gel was how “dry” it was compared to the Got2B. I have to admit that I was a bit thrown off by this. Most hair gels are fairly wet in consistency with the exception of a “jam”.

Thought 2: It Really Is Snot

Between the yellowish color and thick consitency, this product really looks like snot. If you find that you’re fairly sensitive to visually unpleasing things, this product isn’t for you sis.

Thought 3: Man this Stuff is Sticky

The Gorilla Snot is extremely sticky. I was very intrigued by this because the stickier the gel the better the hold must be.

The Application Process

In order to apply the glue, I cleaned my forehead area ( I avoid my edges) with 91% alcohol. Next I squeezed the gel onto my fingertip and spread it onoto the areas that I wanted the lace to stick to. After that I applied the lace and let it dry without using a blowdryer. I WILL WRITE  A MORE IN-DEPTH HOW-TO ARTICLE AS I BECOME MORE FAMILIAR WITH THE PRODUCT.

The Bottom Line

I was able to achieve a pretty secure hold. I loved the fact that gel was not as wet as traditional gels. This decreased the drying time in my opinion. I did not like how stringy the product was. The product can become very messy even when you’re trying to avoid it. Overall I think it’s worth giving it a shot. Is it better than the Got2b? I can’t say as of yet but I will definitely put it to the test!


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