5 Tips to Stop Got2b Gel From Turning White

Many of my readers ask me the same question. Why is my Got2b Gel turning white when I apply my lace wig? Look no more sis. I have some easy tips that will help you get rid of the dreaded white goo and increase your hold.

Do Not Use Your Hands When Applying the Gel

I prefer not to use my hand because there are natural oils in our fingertips. I do not want anything destroying the integrity of the hold. Another reason I prefer not to use my finger tips is because sticky hands during the lace application can cause the lace to stick to your hand and lift after it’s been applied. Once the gel is tacky (sticky and almost dry) and you touch it, it instantly turns white. Instead, try using a makeup brush.

Be Sure the Gel is Tacky and Not Wet When Applying

Speaking of tacky, your gel needs to become tacky when you apply the lace. If the gel is wet, it will seep through the lace prior to drying and be stuck to your head. I’m sure you’ve tried to comb out the “stuck” pieces of hair. Lifting these strands of hair will cause the gel to flake and turn white. I prefer to blow dry my lace on a cool setting. For more details on this, checkout my previous blog post.

How do I know when it’s tacky?

I like to test my tackiness with the very tip end of a rat-tail comb. The pinpoint end is just enough to see if your gel is ready for the lace or not. If the comb sticks to the gel, it’s tacky. Ifthe comb does not stick, the gel is still too wet.

Blow Dry Once Applied


Once you’ve applied your lace to your tacky gel, blow dry the gel until its completely dry using a cool setting. If the gel is not completely dry, as hairs, your hands, combs, hats, headbands or anything else touches the gel, it will dry in place. When you go to remove these items, they will cause the gel to flake and the lace to appear white.

Avoid Sweating

I know sweating is something most of us do and some of us more than others. The truth of the matter is, this gel is not water-resistant. If you sweat profusely like I do, I would not use this gel during times of increased sweating. For example, try applying your wig after your workout. If you apply prior to sweating, your sweat will cause the gel to turn white. Trying patting the area dry if you do notice sweating. If you can, use a blow dryer to “re-dry” the gel as soon as possible.

Did this article help you? Do you have any tips on preventing the presence white residue on your lace? Let me know in the comments sections below. I always respond!