Don’t Buy Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Before Reading This!

Have you been scouring the market for a face moisturizer that’s non-greasy, that leaves your face feeling soft, and doesn’t wear off throughout the day? So have I. I’ve tried my fair share of moisturizing lotions, butters, and creams, however, I️ still hadn’t found the right product. I came across the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion on the video of a famous YouTube or by the name of Hyleta Jay. When I saw her use it I couldn’t believe she was layering what appeared to be a thick lotion on her face. Perhaps it was because of her eczema, however, it seemed very heavy for a face moisturizer. To my surprise, I observed several YouTubers using this moisturizing lotion.

My first concern was that perhaps they were sponsored. However, the lotion seemed to pop up in various ads on and off-line. One day at my local grocery store and there it was…staring me in the face. It’s as if it had stalked me and cornered me on aisle 10.  As the winter months approach, my skin tends to dry out a lot. Knowing this, I decided to buy it because I was very desperate for good moisturizing lotion.

My Skin Type

My face is combination to dry skin. My t-zone is an oil slick but everywhere else becomes rather dry. Drying products, such as some foundations, cause my skin to flake and peel. My body is lowkey a boneyard. My skin is dry and in need of a something that’s going to penetrate and stay locked it.

First Impression

A little goes a LONG way. I used to moisturizer on my body to test it prior to use on my face. I did my typical 2-3 pumps to cover my body. The product spread so much that I had to rub the excess on my husband. I was very shocked at how little was required.

The moisture level was on 10. I felt like the consistency (medium-wet-loose if that makes any sense) was perfect to sink into my post-shower open pores.

The price burned a little. I paid $12.99 at my local grocer. This was a bit upsetting given the size of the bottle. However, after discovering how little product is required, I was very comfortable with the price. I have since then seen coupons in the sunday paper for this product.

3-month Update

I cannot survive without this product. I use my Cetaphil 2x a day EVERY single day. I love the non-greasy yet moisturized feeling my skin has after use. I’ve noticed my skin feels more supple and smooth to the touch!

My suggestions

Buy it sis. Your skin isn’t something you want to cheat. It’s the first  thing people notice when they see you. It costs less than the things we buy that damage our skin (eg. fast food, tanning).

If you liked this article or you like the Cetaphil line, let me know what you think down in the comments section below! I always respond!