How to Fix IOS 11 Apps Not Loading, Installing or Updating on iPhone or iPad

If you’ve recently updated your IOS to the current IOS 11 operating system, then its highly likely that you’ve been faced with the annoying roadblock of understanding why your apps wont load. I spent two days watching videos, reading forums, and trying many different methods before I finally discovered one that actually worked. Before we get into it, there are a few things we need to address and complete.

Any advice you chose to follow in this article is strictly by your own doing. As such, the author, website owner, nor website operator are responsible for any loss of information or damage to your device.

Don’t worry; there are no recommendations of anything that will void your warranty or cause you to download any third-party apps

Back up your information prior to begging this process. It is always best to have all of your information backed up to your icloud prior to doing any updates on your device.

Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way,  lets get into the steps.

Data Users

I am one of those people with a spotty internet connection. My internet source is supplied through my housing complex. As a result, the internet can be spotty at best. Knowing this, I knew I would not be able to download my apps at the rate I required. Since I am on an unlimited data plan, I decided to do the following to speed my app restoration process on my new iPhone.

I paused the non-priority apps

Priority apps are the apps that you need to be able to use immediately

I disconnected from my wifi

I went into the cellular data option on my phone and disabled cellular data for all the apps except for three to five priority apps.

Doing this allowed the cellular data to focus on a much smaller download task. As a result, the apps that were cellular data-capable downloaded within seconds. I repeated the process for three to five apps at a time until all of my apps were restored. Please understand that this method required data. If you do not wish to use data, attempt this same process with your wifi connection. Simpy pause all the apps and download a couple at a time.

WiFi Users

In order to ensure you can upload all of your apps, make sure you are connected to a strong WiFi connection. If your internet is not fast enough to support the downloading speed necessary to load the apps, then you may want to consider using an internet connection with a stronger output.