Products to Prolong the Longevity of Your Makeup Look

      I get several questions about how to prolong the longevity of a makeup look. The first question I ask is, “what did you use to set your makeup?” If I am met with wide eyes I automatically assume the client hasn’t used anything at all. Do we really need another step in the ever-daunting task of applying makeup? If you want it to last all day, the answer is yes!!!

     The first product I recommend is the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder in Banana.  This setting powder aids in keeping the makeup in its place. This is a staple in my makeup collection.

     The next setting powder I’d like to recommend is the LAURA MERCIER Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Laura Mercier knew what they were doing when they created a versatile translucent setting powder that would give a velvet finish to any makeup look.

     The final setting powder I’d like to recommend is one that is more affordable but still performs beautifully. The Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder is one powder that can be used interchangeably to set the whole face as well as undereye areas for women of color!

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