Wonder how I got down to this size three weeks after giving birth? The truth is, I didn’t do much of anything after I had the baby. I always tell my friends three things: it’s a combination of good genes, good physical stimulation,  and eating habits. Sometimes it’s pure luck! I’ve been pregnant 5 times and carried 3 of my babies to term. Each time I did not overly indulge in food just because I was pregnant. Does that mean I never did? Absolutely not. Whenever I would visit my dad I would eat enough for 3 grown men. What I did not do was eat like that every single day.


Luckily for me I enjoy fruits, vegetables, and fish as if they were snacks. I can snack on raw vegetables all day and be completely satisfied. In addition to this, I only drank water. That means no coffee, juice, or soda. I wish I could say that it was discipline that made me do it. However, the truth is water was all I wanted. Whenever I attempted to drink something else, it made me physically ill.


When I was pregnant with my oldest and middle child, I continued to work out during my entire pregnancy. I can remember sprinting up a hill with my husband when I was 9 months pregnant. I encourage pregnant mamas to engage in mild physical activity that is in accordance with your OB/GYN or midwife’s recommendation! My advice would be to find a group of mother’s like yourself to work out with and keep you motivated. If you’re in southern Maryland, consider SOMD Mighty Mamas. This group of ladies meets up with their babies and strollers for fitness classes!



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how deathly ill I was during one of my pregnancies. I experienced “all-day-sickness” from the time I conceived to the time I gave birth. As a result, I lost a ton of weight. In fact, my postpartum weight was 10lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.


Well ladies, the truth is probably doesn’t. However, I felt obligated to be completely transparent with you about my post-pregnancy figure. I said that to say this; don’t envy me. I involuntarily went through hell for that figure. It was depressing, upsetting, and physically trying. However, there are ways to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Watch what you eat, drink plenty of water, and engage in prenatal exercises. I did all of these things and they undoubtedly contributed to my “snapback”.


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